NEASC commends Torrington High School on two year report!!!

Thanks to each of you:

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Commission on Public Secondary Schools reviewed our Two-Year Progress Report and has continued Torrington High School’s accreditation. The commission was pleased to learn of our progress in addressing the specified recommendations.

You have all done an outstanding job meeting the NEASC recommendations through your classroom instruction and academic support in study halls and during THS period, your high expectations for all students both academically and behaviorally, your involvement in school clubs and activities, and your curriculum writing projects.

Torrington High School has been selected to participate in a panel session at the 2010 Transition to College Conference sponsored by the UCONN Early College Experience Program on June 2nd at Storrs.

In the letter from the University of Connecticut Early College Experience Director is the statement that: "We have chosen Torrington High School deliberately because we find you to be an exemplary model for college readiness."

The audience for this conference will be high school teachers, counselors, principals, central office personnel, and higher education faculty and administration.

We have also been identified as a district who has done a good job in reducing our out-of-school suspensions: "When we saw the decreases in Torrington's out-of-school suspension rates, we were excited about the great work you are doing and wanted to learn more so we could feature your district (in our report)." Cari Carson, Connecticut Voices for Children Cari will be interviewing us for this report.

We are doing great things for kids!!!

Together, we do make a difference!!!