Boys Tennis


1. All tennis players will be on time to all practices. Any player, who is sick and cannot make a practice or may be late due to a school-related situation, must contact Coach Porch before practice starts. Messages, to the coach, from one player to another are unacceptable. My classroom period 1 is Rm.1411 and period 3 Rm.1429. I will be in the athletic director’s office during enhancement, as well as periods 4 and 5. My office number is 489-2285 and my home number is 496-0828.

2. No drug, alcohol or tobacco use will be permitted by any team member. Result of such action will require notification of parents, administration and discussion with the coach. If such actions result in being true, then suspension from the team will be recommended.

3. All team members must obey rules and regulations established by the Torrington School System, Torrington High School and the C.I.A.C. (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference.) 
4. Tennis players will receive a booklet, Guide for Student/Athletes and Parent/ Guardians, explaining eligibility, expectations, player and parent expectations Guidelines, procedures for injuries, insurance information, equipment and uniform policy, athletic awards and financial aid or scholarship information. Athlete and parents are responsible to read and review information in the packet. Forms will be distributed dealing with insurance, equipment, permission and emergency information. These forms will be signed by parent and athlete and returned, to the coach, by the first practice. No athlete will be allowed to participate without a current physical submitted to the athletic department.

It is strongly suggested that players who plan to work during the season, rethink their responsibilities. No practice or match shall be missed due to work or other or other social obligations. In order to maintain academic and health standards, priorities must be made for study and homework as well as proper sleep. Social engagements and other school related activities are an important aspect of the well- rounded student/athlete. These functions must be prioritized. It will be detrimental to the athlete to expect him to meet academic, athletic and social standards as well as fulfilling family obligations. Conflicts will arise putting undue physical and emotional stresses on the individual. There are some who find flexible employment and work a few hours a week and still maintain successful experiences. I would caution parents and athletes that these situations are not the norm.

5. Criteria for receiving a letter
A player must compete, officially, in singles and/or doubles competition at least 50% of the scheduled matches.