Cross Country


  1. All athletes must have a physical before trying out for the team. The school will offer these before the season. After the first practice, it will be the responsibility of the athlete to see his or her own doctor for a physical and/or the proper paperwork.
  2. All athletes must have a school permission slip completely filled out with appropriate insurance information included.
  3. Practice is every day after school from 3:00 to 4:30. Occasionally there will be a practice or meet on a Saturday. All members of the team are expected to be at every practice and every meet unless excused by the coach. Injured athletes are to report to the trainer first and then to the coach. Absence from practice or a meet will result in suspension from the team and possibly dismissal from the team.
  4. All athletes are to maintain academic and athletic eligibility according to the standards of the CIAC and the school.
  5. All athletes should not be absent from school without proper verification by the parent or guardian.
  6. It is expected that all members of the team will maintain appropriate behavior in school. Nobody should be getting detention or suspension for disciplinary reasons. This will lead to suspension from the team and possibly dismissal.
  7. There will be no tolerance for the use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol. School policy will strictly enforce any violation.
  8. Athletes will be responsible for return of all uniforms, sweat suits, etc. Failure to return these on time will result in the withholding of the report card and subsequent payment for unreturned items.
  9. Athletes are expected to dress appropriately for practice and meets. The THS dress code will take priority as well as common sense for weather conditions. Athletes should wear proper running shoes so as to prevent injury.

10. The coach will select captains for the season. Priority for this selection will be given to, but not limited to seniority, experience, maturity, personality and commitment to the sport/team.

11. Any athlete that finishes in the top seven for varsity for at least half of the varsity meets will earn a varsity letter. All remaining athletes will receive junior varsity certificates. All members of the team are expected to attend the Booster Club banquet at the conclusion of the season to receive their award.