Girls Tennis


1) Players are to be on time for practice and pre-game warm-ups and will notify the coach, in advance of any problems in meeting this expectation.

2) No athlete will miss a contest without prior explanation from a parent or parents. Any problems, parents first notify the coach then if necessary the A.D. Team commitment is important and your place on the team depends on it. Unnecessary missing of practice or actual tennis matches can result in suspension of playtime - benched for a match (which can result in a possible loss for the team). Vacation time away impedes the success of the team, make plans before or after the season, please.

3) Negative comments from athletes to other players, coaches or school personnel will not be tolerated.

4) All athletes will travel to and from away contests on school provided transportation. No athlete will travel with his/her own vehicle, or with a parent, to or from a contest.

5) All athletes receiving equipment (warm-ups) will be responsible for the equipment issued, a loss of it requires you to financially replace it.

6) If and when necessary, SATURDAYS, may be used as a contest make-up day. Work is not an excuse, make arrangements.

7) All team members will assist in home- site match preparations and in clean-up post match.

8) To be a team member is to attend all match games and support each other whether playing or not. YOU matter.

9) Captains are selected by the coach. These are individuals who exemplify spirit, dedication and leadership qualities.

10) Criteria for a Varsity letter is playing in 8-10 varsity matches. All athletes who complete the season and have not lettered will receive a certificate at the season ending Booster Club Banquet.