*I understand that all academic concerns are to be taken care of before reporting to practice or a game.

*I understand that I must follow all school and athletic rules.
*I understand that teacher/Dean detention must be served when told (game or practice is not an excuse).
*I understand that if I receive detention for being insubordinate or disrespectful to a teacher or staff member this will also be considered a violation of team rules and will result in additional discipline.

*I will attend all practices and I understand that I must personally notify either coach if I cannot attend.
*I understand that an unexcused missing of practice will result in reduced playing time.

*I understand that care and use of all equipment is a player responsibility.
*I will encourage and show respect for teammates.

*I will maintain proper decorum and observe all safety rules while in locker room, horseplay and roughhousing is not acceptable.
*I will remove all jewelry prior to practice and games.
*I will wear required equipment to practice and games.
*I will report injuries and illnesses to a coach immediately.
*I understand that I must provide a note signed by a doctor to return to play following a serious injury or illness.
*I will follow the safety rule regarding two players to a pole and two people in the equipment room at a time.

*I will follow all training room rules as posted.
*I will arrange and set aside appropriate time to receive necessary treatment.
*I understand that the school trainer will determine playing or practice status unless under the care of a physician.

*In the event of a necessary evacuation of T.H.S. and we are in the gym, I will report directly to the Tennis courts.

*All players must report to bus prepared and on time for departure.
*Team members are required to board and return to school as a team.
*All players will observe the "buddy system" rule.
*I understand that written permission is required to ride home with a parent/guardian (emergencies only).

*I understand that I represent my parents, school and coaches at all times both on and off the court.
*I will show respect to officials and opponents.
*I will show my respect for my country during the National Anthem (hand on heart).
*I understand that foul language and taunting is not acceptable.

*Hazing ( and or initiations) is not allowed or accepted.

*I understand the use of drugs or alcohol is not allowed.
*I understand that this is a major rule infraction and will be disciplined as per school policy.


A good team captain is one who is a dominant leader. 

A captain, who leads by her actions rather than always by words, one who looks out for her fellow team members on and off the field and has their back. Good team captains are the ones that pick you up when you’re down and encourage you keep striving for your goals rather than giving up the next time around. Captains are always analyzing what goes on in the games, as well as cheering or encouraging her teammates the whole time. If the captain is on the bench, she is the one standing and screaming every time a teammate makes a good play. (Building confidence in the players in the game). While some athletes are at home sleeping, the captains are the ones in the gym working hard daily to improve their game for the better of the team and themselves. Good team captains also are the ones that always try to keep a blissful environment between the players, gives admiration (respect) to teammates, as well as always having an open mind to the opinions and implications (suggestions) from fellow teammates. Captains must be DEDICATED to their team and to their coaches (setting an example for younger players at all times). They are the ones always talking game plans with their coaches and working with the coaches to formulate ways in improving the team for their ultimate goal. A good team captain must be able to connect with her teammates on various levels and be disciplined as well as goal driven to carry out success for her team. Captains are the ones that take full responsibility for the way their team performed when they had a bad game. A captain is one that is willing to assist their players anyway possible. Whether, it’s staying a few hours after practice to work on things with a teammate, homework, or even just communication with teammates giving guidance for any problems they throw at her. Good team captains also remember to have an optimistic outlook on a game (sometimes you lose and sometimes you win, and sometimes you throw “Temper-Tantrums”, but you always remember that with each game you acknowledge things that will help your team for the better next time around). Good team captains must also be able to balance their schoolwork with their games, practices and teammates and still be able to make time for other friends and family.

The above expectations are not easy for any athlete. The THS Softball coaching staff strives to help captains develop these qualities in themselves and their teammates.