CIAC Eligibility Regulations

The following rules are standard for all interscholastic athletes in the State of Connecticut. You are ineligible if:
1. You are not taking at least three (3) units of work of the equivalent. (Rule I.B.)
2. You have not passed at least three (3) units of the equivalent at the end of the last regular marking period. (Rule I.B.)
3. Computer, arena, or hand scheduling assigns you less than three (3) units of work in a marking period. You are ineligible unless additional courses needed are added to your schedule. (RuleI.C.)
4. An incomplete grade is not made up within ten (10) school days following the end of the marking period. Incomplete grades are not to be considered as passing grades. (Rule I.D.)
5. You are nineteen (19) years of age before July 1. (Rule II.B.)
6. You have changed schools without a change of legal residence. (Rule II.C.)
7. You have played the same sport for more than three seasons in grades 10, 11, and 12. (Rule II.B.)
8. You play or practice with an outside team in the same sport while a member of the school team after the first scheduled game of the season. (Rule II.E.) The exception to the Rule II.E. shall be:
a. Participation in parent-child tournaments and caddy tournaments.
b. Swimming, tennis, gymnastics - a pupil may practice but not compete with a non-CIAC team or as an individual during the season as long as such practices do not interfere with or replace member school practices.
9. You play under an assumed name on an outside team. (Rule II.F.)
10. You receive personal economic gain for participation in any CIAC sport. (Rule II.F.)
11. To be eligible for fall sports, a pupil must have received credit toward graduation of at least 4 credits during the previous school year. (Rule I.A.)
NOTE: Marking period grades (not semester grades) are to be used in determining scholastic eligibility for participation in interscholastic athletics during any given marking period.