Health 1 Journal Questions

Journal Questions

For a copy of the warm-up sheet, click here
  1. Who Am I? (1 page minimum)
  2. After high school, I want to.... Some steps that I need to take to achieve this are... (must list at least 4 steps to take)
  3. If I had a talk show, at least 3 people that I would like to interview are... because (at least 3 people with reasons for wanting to interview them)
  4. Some advice I'd like to give to educators is... (at least 4 pieces of advice)
  5. After watching the video, who do you have in your life that believes in you and supports you even when you do something “bad”? How do you know this? Do you think that you appreciate them? How do you show your appreciation? (Minimum of 5 sentences)

  6. 10 things I'm thankful for are... (at least 10 things listed)

  7. 10 things that I like about myself are... (list at least 10 things)
  8. If I could have 1 day to myself to do anything I wanted, I would... (min 3 sentences)
  9. If the internet ceased to exist anymore, I would... (Min 3 sentences)
  10. The people you surround yourself with have an affect on your well-being. Do you think that they improve or drag down your overall quality of life? Why? (Min 4 sentences)
  11. "When I look in the mirror and see my reflections, I..." (min 4 sentences)
  12. If I had 3 wishes they would be.. (can't wish for more wishes) (min 3 sentences)
  13. My most valuable possessions are... (min 3 sentences)
  14. All children should have.... because.... (min 4 sentences)
  15. My description of a good leader is... (min 3 sentence)
  16. In 50 years from now, I will know that I had a successful life if... (min 4 sentences)
  17. Jim Valvano states that if you laugh, think and cry, that's a full day. What are 3 things that you think you should do each day in order to have a good day and why? (min 5 sentences) 
  18. Some things I will not tolerate are... because... (min 4 sentences)
  19. I have been raised to believe... (min 4 sentences)
  20. The official "rules" for my life are... because (min 4 sentences)
  21. Period 6- What would you describe your personality as? Good or bad? And why? (min 4 sentences)   Period 7- How would you describe your personality? Do you like your personality? (Min 3 sent)
  22. Period 6- What's your theory on personality? Why do you think so? (min 3 sent) Period 7-What do others like about your personality? (At least 6 things, may bullet)
  23. Period 6- Why is your personality important to you? (min 3 sent) Period 7-Self esteem refers to how good you feel about yourself. How good do you think your self-esteem is? (min 3 sent)
  24. Period 6- Can anger be a good thing? (no min given) Period 7- Do you think that emotions like anger can cover up other emotions like sadness and guilt? (min 4 sent)
  25. If I could get any law passed it would be... because (min 4 sentences)
  26. If you were given a million dollars that you couldn't keep and had to give it away, who would you give it to and why? (Note, you cannot give the money to someone to have them give it back or buy things for you) (min 4 sent)
  27. The one thing that stresses me out the most is... I usually deal with stress by... (min 4 sent)
  28. I handle criticism by... I handle constructive criticism by... (min 4 sent)
  29. If you were an outsider and walked around the hallways of our school looking at the body language that kids displayed, what would you think about them? (Min 4 sent)
  30. What are the biggest causes of stress in high school students today? Do you think they are different than they would have been 10 years old? Why? (min 4 sent)
  31. "A year from now, everything you are stressing about won't even matter".  Do you agree or disagree with this quote? Why? (min 4 sent)
  32. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, what would you do and why? (Min 4 sent)
  33. What are some examples of good stress in your life? What are some examples of bad stress in your life? (min 3 sent)
  34. How well do you prepare for a test? Does it depend on the subject? Why or why not? (Min 3 sent)
  35. Do you believe that you manage your time effectively? Why or why not? What can you do to  be more proficient? (Min 4 sent)
  36. Some habits I would like to break are.... because... (min 3 sent)
  37. 10 things that I hope to accomplish in my life are... (May list, min 10 things)
  38. Some responsibilities that I am looking forward to assuming are... (min 3 sent)
  39. If I went into business for myself, it would be... because... (min 4 sent)
  40. After watching the video... "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful." What do you want to be successful at? Why? Do you think that you are motivated enough that you will be successful? Why or why not? (Min 5 sent)
  41.  Is it better to have a lot of friends or just a few really good friends? Why do you think so? (min 3 sent)