Health 1 Journal Questions

Journal Questions

For a copy of the warm-up sheet, click here
  1. Who Am I? (1 page minimum)
  2. After high school, I want to.... Some steps that I need to take to achieve this are... (must list at least 4 steps to take)
  3. If I had a talk show, at least 3 people that I would like to interview are... because (at least 3 people with reasons for wanting to interview them)
  4. Some advice I'd like to give to educators is... (at least 4 pieces of advice)
  5. After watching the video, who do you have in your life that believes in you and supports you even when you do something “bad”? How do you know this? Do you think that you appreciate them? How do you show your appreciation? (Minimum of 5 sentences)

  6. 10 things I'm thankful for are... (at least 10 things listed)

  7. 10 things that I like about myself are... (list at least 10 things)
  8. If I could have 1 day to myself to do anything I wanted, I would... (min 3 sentences)
  9. If the internet ceased to exist anymore, I would... (Min 3 sentences)
  10. The people you surround yourself with have an affect on your well-being. Do you think that they improve or drag down your overall quality of life? Why? (Min 4 sentences)
  11. "When I look in the mirror and see my reflections, I..." (min 4 sentences)
  12. If I had 3 wishes they would be.. (can't wish for more wishes) (min 3 sentences)
  13. My most valuable possessions are... (min 3 sentences)
  14. All children should have.... because.... (min 4 sentences)
  15. My description of a good leader is... (min 3 sentence)