Health 2

Health 2 is a semester long course in which students must pass with a 65 or higher to graduate. Topics in Health 2 include but are not limited to: Self-Esteem/Body Image, Nutrition, Body Systems (Digestion, Excretion, Skeletal, Muscular, and CNS), Communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS, Bullying/Cyber-bullying, Drinking/Smoking/Drugs, Addiction to electronics along with any other timely topics that may come up. ​The students will also learn ways to access accurate information relating to health and use it to promote healthy living. To the left you will find links for each unit that we are studying along with the notes and assignments and other information for each unit! Enjoy!

Syllabus: Please click here

1st Unit: Digestive and Excretory Systems
2nd Unit: Nutrition and making Healthy Eating Choices
3rd Unit: Skeletal, Muscular and Nervous Body Systems
4th Unit: HIV/AIDS
5th Unit: Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases
6th Unit: 
Addiction to Alcohol, Drugs and Electronics