Health 2 Journal Questions

Journal Questions: Remember these must be done on the warm-up sheet

For a copy of the warm-up sheet, click here
  1. Who Am I? (minimum 1 page response)
  2. I am... (List of 20 descriptors)
  3. My family includes... Because.. (Minimum of 5 sentences)
  4. Outside of the basic necessities (food, water, shelter), what 5 things can you not survive without? (may list the 5 things)
  5. I show people that they are important to me by... (minimum of 3 sentences)
  6. List 20 things that you want to happen to you in the next 10 years
  7. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -Hippocrates Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  8. Does what you eat really make that big of a difference in how you feel? Why/why not? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  9. Do you have a balanced diet? Why/why not? How you think you could improve your diet? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  10. "I believe that I know how I should be eating to improve my overall health." Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  11. When it comes to what I eat, 2 things that I think I do well and 2 things that I could improve are...
  12. One thing that I already knew about the digestive and excretory systems was... One new thing that I learned was... One thing I would still like to know..
  13. When you hear the word "diet" what do you think of? Does the word have a positive or negative feeling attached to it? Is it something that is done short term or long term? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  14. Why do you think the obesity crisis continues to escalate even with all of the low-fat and health food that is in stores? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  15. What is your favorite fruit? What is your favorite vegetable? What are your least favorite fruits and vegetables? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  16. Should sugar be consumed as a part of a daily diet? What are some other names for sugars that you know of? (No looking at your phone) (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  17. What nutrients do you need to survive? (No phones) (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  18. Why is fat a necessity in your diet? You may use your phone. (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  19. If you had to tell people to avoid 1 thing when it came to food, what would you tell them to avoid and why? What makes it so bad? (Minimum of 5 sentences)
  20. If you could only eat 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Would that food have a positive or negative effect on your health? (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  21. Why do people eat? (Minimum of 2 sentences)
  22. "I believe that I have a healthy relationship with food". Do you agree or disagree? Why? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  23. The role that my family plays in my eating habits is... Because... (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  24. Using your phone, find some of the big lobbyist firms that represent food companies? What companies do they represent? (Minimum of 4 lobbyist firms)
  25. Are carbohydrates something that we should consume or avoid? Why do you think this? (Minimum 3 sentences)
  26. Are diet and exercise both important? Is one more important than the other? Why do you think so? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  27. What do you do when you encounter foods you don't like? (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  28. What are 5 ways you could improve your overall diet? (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  29. How can people with little access to food be properly nourished? (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  30. What are 2 new things you learned during the nutrition unit? (Minimum of 2 sentences)
  31. Without looking at your phone, how many bones does the human body contain? How many muscles? (Minimum 2 sentences)
  32. What functions does your skeletal system serve? (Minimum of 2 sentences)
  33. What is the difference between a ligament and a tendon? (minimum of 2 sentences)
  34. What do you think is the most important bone in the body? (Minimum 2 sentences)
  35. I would rather sprain my ankle than break a bone in my ankle. Why/why not? (Minimum of 3 sentences)
  36. I am thankful for... because... (Minimum of 5 sentences)
  37. The people I am most grateful for are.... because... (Minimum of 5 sentences)
  38. List 5 people in your life who are hard to get along with—and write down at least one quality for each that you are grateful for.
  39. What is there about a challenge you’re experiencing right now that you can be thankful for? (This is a tough one, but you have learned something or grown from the hardship—how?)
  40. How many nerves do you have? What do they control? (Minimum of 2 sentences)
  41. Would you rather be super strong or have the ability to not feel any pain? Why? (Minimum of 2 sentences)
  42. Besides football, what other activities have the potential for repetitive head trauma that could potentially cause CTE? (Minimum of 4 listed)
  43. Knowing the potential severe injuries that could be sustained while playing football or hockey, would you let your child play? Why/why not? (Minimum of 4 sentences)
  44. What was the most surprising thing that you learned during this unit? Why? (Minimum of 3 sentences)