Nutrition and Making Healthy Food Choices

During this unit, we will be focusing on exploring the differences in typical diet in various cultures, school cafeterias as well as the different vegetarian diets. I want students to start understanding what they are putting into their bodies and the impact that it has on their body systems. We will be exploring the effect of sugar, processed foods and soda on the body. 

Essential Questions for the Unit:
-What is the healthiest way to eat?

Student Objectives:
-Evaluate factors that influence food choices and their impact on nutrition and health.
-Analyze and critique food labeling information to determine calories, nutrients, serving size, types of ingredients and nutritional values in a product.
-Critique personal behaviors and their cause and effect that relate to the following choices; eating and physical activity.
-List the essential nutrients and describe the functions they perform in the body by using the rainbow of foods.